“Westerlund Industrial Solutions and its talented staff has worked with us on our terms over the years, providing us with creative and economical methods of automation.   They have been a part of  our growth from a largely manual-labor operation to a more fully automated manufacturing system.  With Westerlund’s support, we have been able to increase our manufacturing efficiency and improve our quality control”
 —  J. Tillotson, VP Production, St. Jude Candle Co.

Creativity and Innovation are our strongest assets, and we pride ourselves on being able to solve any manufacturing problem or issue. That’s a pretty bold statement, but when you have “industrial solutions” as part of your company name, then you better be able to solve the problems that your customers bring to you.

Through the years we have not only invented machinery and tools for our customers’ needs, we have organized and implemented entire manufacturing strategies and methodologies. Sometimes it’s not enough just to recommend an off the shelf item— sometimes you have to spend hundreds of hours engineering a simpler solution in order to fit your customers budget and production goals. Our customers will all testify that when they need a “non-standard” or “out-of-the-box” solution, Westerlund Industrial Solutions is the most innovative company around.

Serving as consultants to manufacturing in many different disciplines, we can lay out your new production line, or your new plant. One of our oldest customers is still operating in a plant that was designed for maximum automation efficiency over ten years ago. To this day, other facilities within the same company refer to their plant as the “Taj Mahal.”

If you have a specific problem or opportunity that others have denounced as “impossible” or “unsolvable” then we recommend you give us a call immediately—before that door closes.