“Westerlund Industrial Solutions has performed successfully many times when asked to deliver a piece of equipment that had yet to be invented for products that had not yet been produced. This flexibility and creativity aids us greatly in meeting production deadlines for our new products.”

— M. Wright, Project Engineer, Igloo Products Corp.

Integrity and Expertise: What better way to demonstrate our abilities than to call to mind the many successful projects we have completed throughout the years. And who better to hear it from than the individuals who gave us their trust by doing business with us. We can honestly say that any customer of ours is a reference.

We understand manufacturing. We understand business. We also understand the value of customer satisfaction. With our parent company, Wes Adhesives, we have been providing goods and services for the manufacturing sector for over 40 years. Our customers have come to trust and respect our integrity as businessmen—and we think that is the best reference we can offer.

Westerlund Industrial Solutions specializes in solutions. This means that we are not limited to one or two types of manufacturing, but that we can bring the weight of our knowledge and practical experience to your specific issue, and utilize what we have learned from other industries and apply it to your situation. We recently provided an oilfield services company with a manufacturing system that has its roots in the bread-baking industry. This type of crossover is typical with all our projects—and removes many limitations when it comes to solving some new production issue.

It’s not enough for us to list how many miles of conveyor we have installed in our history, how many dozen machines we have built, or how many robots, or how many times we have come through in the nick of time for this or that manufacturer—we think that our ability is defined by our dedication to quality and meeting our customers’ expectations.

We invite you to inquire as to our expertise in your industry.