“Westerlund Industrial Solutions created a custom machine for our Houston facility in 2010. This machine started saving us money the day it was put into service. We have since ordered seven more for our other facilities across the country, and are very pleased with its performance and durability.”

— P. Heintz, VP Mantua Mfg. USA.

Specializing in Custom Machinery and Material Handling Systems, Westerlund Industrial Solutions is a top tier provider of Conveyors, Conveyor Systems, Custom Packaging Machinery, Robotics, Palletizing Systems, Ergonomic Workstations, and Electrical Controls.

Westerlund Industrial Solutions has developed dozens of “one-of-a-kind” and “serial number one” machines for major industrial clients throughout Texas by utilizing 3D CAD software to pre-engineer machines long before the customer produces his first product. This approach allows us to deliver machines that pack, manipulate, drill, punch, stack, or palletize (without ever seeing a test or sample product) on a timely basis. Our customers have begun to use this time advantage to move up their production kickoff dates by as much as 12 weeks.

Westerlund Industrial Solutions also specializes in conveyor systems and product movers that stretch the definition of standardized conveyors. Our equipment designs can convey, rotate, invert, and lift products that weigh up to 12,000 lbs if necessary. Our more standard designs can facilitate the most advanced food and beverage facility and meet or exceed production rates of systems from the biggest names in the business.

Westerlund Industrial Solutions can also provide troubleshooting and analysis of any electrical controls system—or provide control panels, PLCs, wiring, or sensor upgrades as part of our own equipment systems, or as a standalone service to your existing equipment.